dead sea scrolls the big SWINDLE

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dead sea scrolls the big SWINDLE

Message  OYABIO le Mer 28 Sep - 7:15

Those scrolls were not written by Jewish people but a splinter group ESSENIANS and they do NOT represent the Jews of the time

they contains scriptures that the jews do not want the whole world (of goys) to see, so


THEY ARE IN A MUSEUM very HEAVILY guarded, only accessible to some chosen few, mostly jews of course...

This lets us suppose that all texts about them that will be publicly published will have been manipulated, edulcolorated of their "" sort of anti jews diatribes "", to serve the jewish only interest (which the original texts of the dead sea scrolls do not do of course)....as the jews have done it with the Summerians Original texts to forge their Bible...and finally force it upon us world wide...(Bible far from what the Original Summerian Texts where really telling us of course)

THE GREATEST MISTAKE OF RELIGIOUS AUTHORITIES IN THE WESTERN WORLD is to make us beleive that the SACRED TEXTS are "dictated word for word BY GOD" meanwhile in truth they were rewritten and miswritten, revised and reworked over and over again BY HUMAN BEINGS for a very long time, as to assure the DOMINATION of some upon all others...


THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS now with the DEAD SEA SCROLLS, they are actually rewritten and miswritten, revised and reworked over and over again, as to assure and continu the DOMINATION of some upon all others...

L'élégance du Temps est celle qui démêle les structures de l'Espace qui ont masqué l'Amour à lui même (James des WINGMAKERS)


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